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Our Team

Our Core Value Proposition

Fresh Portal’s technology frees homeowners from of having to be in person for deliveries and this benefits overall time, effort, and cost of managing their groceries, meals and home goods. In addition it allows homeowners to shop online directly with their favorite local vendors for fresher choices, reduced retail packaging waste and food preservatives, while getting lower prices and revitalizing their vendors’ bottomline.  It revolutionizes local communities as we all throttle back on the errands, commutes and retail centers and shop locally which strengthens community bonds that our society yearns for.


Meet the Team

Kelly Parrish, CFO Licensed CPA. Earned her Masters of Accounting degree from Florida State University. California native, loves all things outdoors, football and home improvement.

Jeremy High Founder & CEO

Licensed Luxury Builder 

Founder & Principal HIGHCO Builders California BS International Relations University of Oregon

Josh Bauman, Head of Design & Co-Founder Recruited by architects Harvey and Conrad Sanchez at the age of 22 giving him 9 years experience designing homes in Pebble Beach and the Pacific Coast. Home designer by day sketch artist by night, avid reader and the Chuck Norris of outdoorsmen.
Phil's Head Shot-1
Phil Ciszek, Co-Founder Has been immersed in high-end building and construction work for 10 years. A key member on the design and development team. An Eagle Scout and outdoor adventurer. Enjoys the beach and golf in his free time.


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