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Our Team

Purpose Statement

 We believe that spending less time running errands means that we’ll spend more time on what matters.  Fresh Portal will usher-in a new way for our customers to shop for the items that they need.  Fresh Portal’s technology automates our customers’ deliveries, which benefits the overall time, effort, and cost of managing their groceries, meals, and home goods. Our customers can shop online with their favorite local vendors for fresher choices, reduced retail packaging waste and food preservatives while getting lower prices.

Executive Management Team

Jeremy High
Founder | CEO

Luxury Home Builder & Inventor

Bob Christopher

Former Founder &
CEO of Ugobe

Lin Chan

Former CFO for HDMI Licensing, Sublime


Kris Bowring
Business Development

Former Head of Amazon Key

John Cole
Investor Relations

Co-Founder / GP at GLE Partners

Kelly Parrish
CFO Licensed CPA

Kelly Earned her Masters of Accounting degree from Florida State University. California native, loves all things outdoors, football and home improvement.

Phil Ciszek Co-Founder

Phil has been immersed in high-end building and construction work for 10 years. A key member of the design and development team. An Eagle Scout and outdoor adventurer. Enjoys the beach and golf in his free time.

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