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Fresh Portal™ Your Ultimate Delivery Solution

Receive every delivery worry free.

Fresh Portal™ is a patented, innovative home delivery solution. Fresh Portal™ features advanced multipurpose delivery receiving solutions, remotely controlled via app or WiFi that incorporates Far-UVC disinfection, package security, and climate control into a single household appliance.

Fresh Portal™ keeps delivered groceries and prepared food fresh and temperature controlled until you can collect it into your own home.  Fresh Portal™ is also the solution for temperature sensitive medications. Fresh Portal™ is the ideal delivery solution for the modern home.

Fresh Portal™ Installation Included Fully Upgradable Hardware Quick Licensed Installation Backed by Lifetime of U.S. Customer-Support MSRP: $3,450

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Fresh Portal. Deliver Everything.

How Fresh Portal™ Works

Fresh Portal™ is an appliance installed into an exterior wall of your home or office. A securely locked exterior door is accessible to delivery persons using a unique one-time access-code sent to their device over your existing WiFi network. A locked interior door gives you personal access to the delivery products. Fresh Portal™ has the ability to safely control temperature based on the needs of the particular delivery (hot or cool meals, prescriptions or packages). The Far-UVC disinfection light cycle automatically runs every time a delivery occurs.

Reduced contact delivery keeps you healthier.

Fresh Portal’s™ ability to receive deliveries when you’re not home gives you peace of mind. You control everything from an app on your personal smart device. Notifications and live video allow you to monitor activity whenever activity occurs.

  • Securely installed with waterproofing and insulation ratings superior to current residential building codes.
  • No structural modifications required. This retrofit model is designed to be installed between your stud bays or inside.
  • Wifi and Bluetooth enabled allows for 24 hour access and complete control via your phone and/or app.
  • Carriers can easily deliver a wide range of products using an existing wireless method for safe and secure one-time access. At your next online check-out, select ‘deliver to my Fresh Portal’ enabling your delivery company to gain access to your Fresh Portal zone(s).
  • A food-safe Far-UVC* light sanitizes the exterior of the packages.
  • Securely locked, self closing, and recessed interior cameras allow for a 24 hour delivery window: any time, any place, a Fresh Portal is installed gives carriers and residents peace of mind that their delivery will be made and received safely.
  • Multiple climate control zones allow you to independently adjust zone temperatures to perfectly fit your unique daily delivery needs.
  • Fully customizable to your family’s changing needs with modular expandability, upgradeable parts, and software.
  • Arrives at your address, fully assembled and requires 1-2 hours for installation.
  • You choose a certified local installer from a provided list. All standard installation costs are covered by the purchase price.
Modern Aesthetic
Respecting Tradition
Dual Zone Temperature
Automated Disinfection Cycle
Wi-Fi | Bluetooth® | Keypad Forward Facing Camera & Internal Camera
Fits Your Groceries
Equivalent to 4 Full-Sized Paper Grocery Bags. Have Groceries Delivered Fresher When You Actually Need Them. Eliminate Spoilage in Your Refrigerator

Why do I need a Fresh Portal™?

It's that simple.

  • Did you stay up late?  If so, why meet a delivery person face-to-face? Your delivery person can deliver your favorite headache cure to your Fresh Portal before you  get out of bed.
  • Imagine not having to fend off your excited dogs or worrying about your pet escaping when you open the front door to receive your meal delivery.
  • Imagine not dealing with the anxiety that comes with entering a grocery store these days and instead receiving delivered groceries and easily sanitizing the package before bringing them into your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Using wifi and your FreshPortal app you can set up routine access or one-time access depending on the delivery method.
  2. Your national package delivery person receives an access code after scanning your delivery.
  3. On-demand food and grocery delivery services (e.g. GrubHub, InstaCart, Walmart, Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh)
  4. Local restaurants and pizza delivery receive a texted one time use code from your FreshPortal app.  Payments and gratuity are issued via the FreshPortal app.
  5. Lost code? No problem.  An access request button notifies you.
  6. You view the person awaiting access. You can talk to them & grant access, door closes automatically.


If you lose access to a smart device, you can use your  Fresh Portal™’s manual controls.

If power is lost to the Fresh Portal™ it will enter NO POWER MODE which uses a back up battery for up to 12 hours.  In NO POWER MODE monitoring and control features will remain with the exception of temperature control (temperature will slowly return to neutral in this event).  Under NO POWER MODE your Fresh Portal™ will maintain wifi communication and app control.  If your home’s wifi is lost as well, NO POWER MODE maintains manual key code entering and the doors manually return to a closed and locked position.

Fresh Portal is coming to the market soon, check back often and leave your email for updates.

Absolutely. We will stand behind you and your product for life.

Routine Maintenance and Moving Part Replacements are a cinch (and are no charge for 2 years and you can open a access and plug in a part you’ll never need onsite support from us).

The Fresh Portal Team stands behind our customers and their products.  When you become a Fresh Portal customer, we will support you for the life of your enabled product.

Simply put if you ever have a problem we will do whatever is needed to maintain your trust in our product and company.

Just call us or message us at:

(831) 204.0334 or

Fresh Portal™

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